Ordering your personal Spirit Guide Portrait

When an order is received I will contact you within 24 hours. I prefer to work using a recent photo but if you do not have one please let me know. Without a photo I can usually connect through my own guide

Once a connection is established and I am confident I can do a portrait please be patient as Graphic Art Portraits can take anywhere up to 40 hours drawing time to complete

Portraits are started off using a graphic drawing board and pen and finished off on my computer. Graphic art allows me to complete portraits with texture and background and in a much quicker time then if I were to paint them.
Once complete the portraits are printed onto high quality photo card making them into beautiful works of art that can be framed

What your Order will contain

Your order will contain 2 x A5 graphic designed images of your spirit guide and an information booklet on messages received, Animal helpers and their meanings and information on the Soul Counsel directions

Buy Portrait

UK Customers -If you are located within the UK click the Add to cart button and your portrait once complete will be posted by 1st class Royal Mail

International Customers - Customers located outside of the United Kingdom please email me before purchase as additional shipping costs will be required. I am happy to send your portrait and information by email attachment if preferred




Additional Prints

Additional prints are available of your Spirit Guide Portraits and Portrait images can be printed in A4 size

Customers who have previously purchased a Spirit Guide Portrait and would like them reprinting please email with your name and name of guide and date of original reading

Charges for Additional and reprints is £5.00 plus shipping

Please note it is not always possible to reprint portraits if they were ordered several years ago before image files were saved








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