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When we incarnate into this life we are accompanied with a plethora of helpers from Guides, Angels, Nature Spirits and family members from past and present along with our past life energies.
Normally the guide/helper that steps into the light is the one that holds the most importance for what is happening within your life right now.

Our guides are part of our own personal soul counsel and each chosen by us before we incarnated

Most of the time I can connect with one of your guides but sometimes this is not possible. I am never in charge and have to follow the rules of spirit and the individual guides/helpers.

If for any reason I am unable to connect with your guide for a portrait a full refund will be given

As previously mentioned on the main page I work similar to a Native American Medicine wheel and will place each guide in a direction that suits their energy and message.
Each spiritual artist will have their own way of working that is unique to them

Along with our Master Guide that is with us continually throughout our life we have guides that sit in the North, South, East and West of our personal soul counsel



Below is a list of the Directions and Spirit Guides that may come through

Master Guides -Master Guides are at the centre of your Soul / Medicine wheel and are with you from birth until your time on earth is complete. Their job is to manage and coordinate your team of Directional Spirit Guides, Spirit/Power Animals, Angels and Helpers from past, present and future. Master Guides guard your Blueprint of Life (Soul Records) and make sure your soul is in the right place at the right time to experience and complete lessons to achieve spiritual enlightenment and soul advancement

Initiation/Seed Planter - These are guides that come to us at the beginning of our spiritual journey and stay with us only a short time. They are not bound to one direction but plant seeds in all to allow us to open our spirit to learning and gaining knowledge and wisdom

Gatekeepers – These are our personal bodyguards that protect us along our journey. I usually place Gatekeepers with the guides of the South

Guides of the North – Guides that offer Grounding, Balancing Spirit and Soul, Ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom and are connected with Ritual, Ceremony and Practical Wisdom

Guides of the East – Guides that help us attain a Spiritual connection bringing Spiritual wisdom, Transformation, Enlightenment and Harmony. They are the guides symbolising Rebirth and Creation

Guides of the South – Guides of Protection, Strength, Self Power, Trust, Faith and Purification

Guides of the West – Healing Guides connected with Healing, Vision, Soul Reflection, Balancing emotions, Intuition, Adaptation, Introspection and Emotional change

Universal Guides —Universal guides are not personal to us, they belong to all and work with all when needed. They are pure energy that can work with many at the same time much like Archangels


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