Spirit Guide Portraits

My name is Nelly and I've been working with spirit guides for the last 30 years and creating images for the last 15 years

Each psychic artist or spiritual medium has their own way of working, a way that suits their own personal belief system.
My roots are based in Native American spirituality so I like to work in a similar way to using a Medicine wheel and place each guide in the direction that fits their energy and message

More often than not when I connect with a guide I will also connect with at least one spirit animal that comes through with them. I will include these animals in the portrait and draw as much detail as I can so you have a clear understanding of your guide and their message

It is always impossible to predict which of your guides will step forward as we have a plethora of helpers and usually it is the guide that is the strongest at the moment that will step into the light

Please do not come to me with expectations of who you want to step forward as I am never in control. Spirit decide who and when the time is right for each guide and we must respect their decision.

Basically, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Keep an open mind and respect each and every guide that steps forward to greet you

When you order you will receive 2 portraits as pictured above and an information booklet that will tell you about your guide, their message, information of the spirit animals and the direction I have placed your guide in

I am always happy to answer any questions before you purchase









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