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Bright blessings

Neyeli x

I was so excited to receive my order this morning and what can I say but WOW WOW WOW! the dream catcher mobile is far more beautiful then the images show and everything was perfect. The packaging, the added extra of incense made my parcel a joy to open. I can't wait to hang this beautiful design in my baby daughters bedroom.
Thankyou so much Nelly and I will be back for more. I will be telling all my friends and family about your incredible service.
Much love from Lotte and Annabel
My spirit guide portrait from the Wonky Crow was amazingly well done. Nelly is so intuitive and very talented, she spends a lot of time making sure she has captured everything to the best of her ability. I would definitely recommend her website to anyone and will be purchasing more myself
I've just received my stunningly beautiful smudging feather. I love it!!!! the energy from it is amazing and I know it will help me with my reiki healing
Thank you so much for the Bee Rescue. It works like a dream and I've saved so many bees during this hot weather. Now I'm off to look through your wonderful website again. Lots of love from me and the bees :)
Great service, made with love. Totally unique, could not ask for better service. This lady is amazing!! xx
Would definitely recommend. I have bought items and portraits and been delighted with everything. Every single item has been crafted with care and fantastic attention to detail. You are purchasing an outstanding work of art when you purchase from this lady. She is lovely to deal with and you can tell how conscientiously she works. Each item is also posted out quickly and well-packaged and very reasonably priced. With items I've ordered I have usually left the choice of colours etc up to the artist as she has never failed to make the perfect choice. I have honestly been bowled over with the design and workmanship of everything I have had. I have purchased three portraits and have felt a connection to each one. I still can't stop looking at them and always notice something new, or get a new thought, each time I do.
My purchase from The Wonky Crow was delivered very quickly and packaged very well. All communication was fast and all my questions answered. I received a beautiful artwork and would definitely purchase from Nelly again.
Nelly is a wonderful Lady and her items are lovely, we have many items from Nelly and if their is a problem she is happy to fix it for you in any way she can. Would recommend you give her a try, am sure you will be back for more.
I have purchased many items from Nelly over the years and each time I have not been disappointed. She puts so much heart and love into her crafts. Each item is totally unique and comes beautifully packaged and presented. She is a wonderful warm person too and I highly recommend her if your are looking for that extra special gift or treat
I just wanted to thank you for the prompt service, and the quality of the mane clip.
I am really pleased with it, and I hope my friend will be as pleased when I give it to her for Christmas
I asked Nelly to make a dream catcher necklace for my daughters 26th birthday.
I was late ordering it, but Nelly got it here on time and can I say it is BEAUTIFUL. It's everything I wanted and more.
There is such love and power in the dream catcher that I know it will protect her for her life.
Nelly Moon, I have been looking through your site and I just wanted to tell you, I love it.
I think your work is wonderful. I am going to order a smudging feather as soon as I can. I have a purpose for one.
I have saved your site in my favourites for when I have more money to purchase.
Thank You for having me on your site.
Nelly made me the Rose Quartz dream catcher pendant and all I can say is WOW! It is totally beautiful but what means more is that even though you order it, when she makes them it is done for you, so the piece you have is completely unique to you.
Although others may have the same design it will not be exactly the same and that is why I'll definitely be ordering again especially for Christmas. You can also sense the wonderful energy she has put into the piece and the love.
Nelly is a very talented lady who if I were a Dragon (out of dragons den) I would most certainly invest and leave her to run her business as she wishes. The nearest I can do to that is invest in more of her wonderful work and enjoy wearing a truly beautifully handmade piece of art.
Thank you Nelly xxxxx
Thank you Nelly for the beautiful print of Rainbow Bridge. We ordered it one day & low and behold, it was here the next. Such prompt service. Thank you again for helping us with the pain of losing Ginny with your kind words and wonderful print.
Mal & Terry
I have had several items from Nelly Moon for my dogs who have various problems, the improvement with my dogs was incredible.
The biggest was with a dog that had seizures, since he had a mojo, he hasn't had a seizure.
Nelly Moon has the ability to put the right items for each dog for my dogs to benefit. I have asked her to make several items for me but didn't know what I wanted so gave Nelly Moon the freedom to do what she wanted. I was stunned with what I received, it suited me far better than I could have expected.
I suffer from very dry skin especially in this very cold weather, her face creams are far better than any I have had previously by well known manufacturers.
Many thanks for my beautiful Shaman Dreams Feather which is absolutely perfect.
As was the special feather you made for my staff.
Wonderful service as usual as it was with the Dream Catcher I ordered previously for my daughter, the bookmarks that were personalised for family stocking fillers etc.
No doubt I will be back again :)
June Kent
Indie Shaman Limited
A great big thank you for your help and healing for Peanuts the featherless parrot.  He is still pulling feathers but definitely not so many. As a healer myself I love to use your Feathers and Oils on the people and creatures I send healing to Everything is really good quality and all made with love and care. A part of you is in everything you send out. Which leads me to say how fast everything arrives and communication is brilliant too. I always know every step of the way how my order is doing.
Thank you to a lovely lady.
Blessings Love Lite and Laughter
I am VERY pleased with the doll that was made for me. It was delivered fast and was VERY professionally made. I also received a free crystal with my purchase. Communication was excellent. A great web site with lovely things.
I would just like to thank you for another fast delivery of the goods I ordered yesterday! The service is excellent - as is the quality of merchandise! I shall be shopping again soon, as will some of my friends. thanks again
I first communicated with Nelly to ask her advise on which crystal to choose for my Pomeranian puppy who has been diagnosed with a luxating patella and needs surgery - sad to think of a little one so young needing surgery. Nelly very kindly advised then made me a bespoke pendant for Cali made up of several different crystals. When I received it Cali seemed to share the same excitement and sat still (for once :-)) whilst I attached it to her collar. Nelly has since provided guidance and useful information relating to not only Cali my puppy but my friend who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer. Nelly is truly a wonderful warm soul and is an inspiration to everyone and deserves a fruitful business helping both people and animals heal the hurt that so often affects our lives.
Namaste Nelly.
Tracy x
I wish to say thank you to a very special lady in Nelly, Not only does Nelly have a wonderful website with fantastic items, Nelly herself is a very special person. I have ordered a Rainbow Bridge print in memory of my dog Jess who sadly passed away recently. Not only has Nelly already sent this to me, She has also been quite unbelievable in her support and her kindness in my time of sorrow. I am so grateful to have come across this wonderful website and Nelly. It really does show you that this world does have very special people like Nelly, who took time out herself to show me support in my time of need. I will indeed be passing on Nelly's wonderful website on to all my family and friends as she truly deserves people to come across a wonderful website. I can only personally say thank you again to Nelly and wish her, and her family a safe and wonderful future.
Lovely site, so glad I found it

fantastic, friendly and quick service.

just fantastic

Today I received my Pet Healing feather and am amazed by the reaction from both my dogs, Zac and Pippa. 
Both of them loved the feather and immediately lay down and rolled on their backs to have their bodies swept.  They loved it and it was a joy to do healing on them.
Thank you so much Nelly as this is the first time I have found anything that truly works and something my dogs really do enjoy


Dear Nelly,
Thank you so much for making the healing feather for me, and delivering so quickly.
The very first time I tried it out on one of my dogs he immediately lay on the floor and rolled over in delight!
I have had great success with it today as one of my dogs had a bad tummy and ear, so I used the feather, and again, a lovely reaction from him, he laid down and let me sweep it over him.  He then seemed quite  happy to go off quite content.
I also find it very nice to hold, very comfortable to use.
Thanks again Nelly!

love from Angela and a happy hound!  xxx

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