Manifestation Box



Manifestation / Wish / Affirmation Box

Manifestation boxes are a sacred place and powerful tool to help solidify a connection between your desires and the Universe.
They are a physical ritual that allow creative expression and give a focal point for specific goals, dreams and affirmations and help create positive intentions for what you want and desire within your life.

Your Manifestation box has been hand painted and decorated with decoupage paper, net and wooden Dragonfly heart and finished off with a diamante trim Inside the box you will find

1. A small white candle which can be lit when writing your wishes and affirmations. The flame is always a good focal tool to concentrate on your desires
2. A wooden acorn to symbolise the seeds of change and growth.
3. A spirit doll holding sprigs of white sage to attract positivity and the doll will help carry your prayers and wishes to the Universe.
4. Pre printed Affirmations and Blank Paper for writing your own wishes and Affirmations
5. Quartz Crystal Point to attract positivity and can be used to hold during meditation and prayer
5. Crackle Quartz and Amethyst gemstone bracelet that can be worn or used as a Mala/Prayer Bead to help manifest your dreams
6. Information Booklet

Your Manifestation box measures 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 4.5cm and the inside is lined with scented purple ritual oil


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