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Retro 70s Beaded Curtain Tie-backs

Pair of Curtain Tie Backs made with silver metal curtain rings with attached satin cord and vintage 1970s wooden Macramé beads in natural, large Orange and brown with hand painted Hibiscus flowers

Long Tie backs measuring 102cm from end of ring to ring

1 pair Available


Witch Nothing spills, nothing spoils Overcooks or Overboils This Witch upon her broom Brings Love and Luck to any room

Shadow flyer Kitchen

Bespoke Character Witch to hang in your kitchen, above your altar or from a ceiling in any room to bring luck and protection

Shadow Flyer is made with a hand moulded clay face with soft body and is dressed with a Satin and Net Skirt in purple and red with Traditional black cape and is riding a cinnamon branch besom with wooden handle

A loop is attached on top of her head and invisible thread will be included to hang from your ceiling

Shadow Flyer measures approx. 13" x 10"

1 Available


Native American Chief Mandella

The Chiefs head is made from stonecast plaster using a latex mould I made from an original vintage wooden head sculpture The face has been hand painted and decorated with grey wool roving hair, gifted rooster feathers and attached to vintage reclaimed leather with silver Native American conchos

The Mandella wall hanging measures 12cm wide and has a total drop of 28cm not including the top tie

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Gaia Wall Hanging

Gaia Mother Earth is made using a Merino wool base attached to Egyptian cotton backing with a wooden rod for hanging

She has a hand painted face and braided wool roving hair and the rest of the design is dry needle felted with wool fibre, woollen drops and feathers

The design is finished with a woven hanging strap with tassels, crow beads and gifted feathers and measures 28cm x 22.5cm

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Celtic Leaping Hare Plaque

Celtic leaping hare plaque made from moulded clay and hand painted

Plaque has been attached to vintage reclaimed leather and decorated with crow beads and gifted feathers of rooster

Design has a top loop to hang and measures 12cm x 27cm

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Willow Tree Dream Catcher

Voice of the Willow

Bespoke Willow Tree Dream Catcher made using a 24cm hoop decorated with Green Cotton and Mohair Silk Drops, Wooden Beads, Porcelain Beads and gifted Feathers of Emu, Rooster and Grizzly Hackle

The willow tree design has a miniature hanging dream catcher and two individual dream catchers woven with the tree branches

Design measures 24cm x 66cm

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