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Gemstone Dragon Bottle

Glass bottle full of gemstone chips protected by the little Needle felted dragon

Curled dragon is made using a mixture of teal and blue grey needle felted wool fibre with glass eyes and finished off with embroidered wing edge.
He has a wired skeleton and is fixed into position but can be removed from the bottle

The Glass bottle measures 8cm tall and is filled with gemstone chip beads and cork top

The crystal chips are drilled so could be used to make your own jewellery and the bottle reused for herbs, oils, coloured sand or more chips

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Opalite Thumb Stone

Opalite Thumb stone with thumb indentation

4cm x 3cm

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Peacock Ore

Pieces weigh between 50g - 89g and measure approximately 3cm - 4cm

Peacock Ore is a gemstone for Happiness and Joy and brings with it the ability to be grateful for all we have. It teaches us to utilise our knowledge wisely and helps us to develop on our Spiritual Path. It will help to regulate the flow of adrenaline making it a useful gemstone for panic and stress. Peacock Ore helps us deal with the emotions connected to grief and loss and a wonderful supporting gemstone to boost confidence and self-esteem

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Peruvian Pyrite (Fools Gold)

Pieces weigh between 36g - 53g and measure approximately 3cm

Pyrite was used by the ancient Incas as a Meditation stone and is reputed to help with communication allowing one to speak openly and honestly. It is a mineral of Protection both physically and emotionally and good to use within business as it allows creative energies to flow and clarity of thought. Pyrite helps to disperse negative energy and increase concentration

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